AA Premium Tie Guan Yin

AA Premium Tie Guan Yin

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Tie Guan Yin, sometimes called “Iron Goddess of Mercy”, enjoys a long history as one of China's most famous teas. In recent decades it has become popular to not roast the tea, as was most often done in the past. This version of Tie Guan Yin is of the unroasted type and a very high grade. Its rolled pieces of jade-green will unfurl in hot water to reveal unbroken whole leaves and a vibrant, penetrating aroma and taste.

Each 50g amount comes vacuum-sealed as a single unit for optimum freshness.

We recommend brewing our Premium AA Grade Tie Guan Yin with near-boiling water, using the first steep to open the leaves and warm the teacups before brewing it to drink.

Autumn 2022 harvest.