I'm a musician who's been a tea drinker from a fairly young age. I started off drinking mass-produced green and flavored teas, and found my tastes developing as my consumption grew. From the inexpensive gunpowder tea of my adolescence, to my first cup of Bi Lo Chun, to the rare and highly complex Dancong Oolongs, it was perhaps inevitable that what started as a mere beverage preference would deepen into a full-blown obsession.

I hope you enjoy browsing this store, and hope you don't mind my use of "the royal we" throughout the descriptions. Reads better this way, we think. Please feel free to get in touch using the contact form if you have any questions about the teas or anything else, and I'll do my best to respond quickly and courteously. You can also see some tea pictures and read my highly opinionated commentary at my @sparrowtail_teas Instagram page. Orders usually ship in 1-2 business days. Thanks and enjoy the tea!