Oolong Teas

Oolong teas, sometimes called Wulong teas, are processed in a manner that has similarities to black teas, in that the teas are oxidized after withering. Oolongs, however, are not typically oxidized fully, but to an extent that can vary between 8-85%, depending on the style and cultivar used.

The origins of oolong teas are debated, with some saying that Wuyi style oolongs were the first teas produced using these methods, and others insisting that Anxi oolongs were the first. In any case, Sparrowtail started out carrying oolong teas corresponding to three basic types: Wuyi, Anxi, and Dancong, and has since branched out to include other types of oolongs, like for example Taiwanese types and rarer varieties of Fujian oolongs.

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