Wild Jujube Herbal Tea

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Called "Gan Zhou Ye" in China and enjoyed throughout Asia, this Wild Jujube is an herbal tea, or tisane, grown in Laoshan Village, Shandong Province, home of our Imperial Laoshan Green Tea.

With a sweet taste and barley-like overtones, this tea brews up a thick, satisfying brew with a mouthfeel that's more than sufficient to satisfy fans of heartier green teas and oolongs.

It is completely free of caffeine, the first of such teas offered by Sparrowtail, and in fact has a strong relaxing effect, making it an ideal nighttime brew.

We recommend brewing this in 175-180f water, like you would a green tea. Very short steeps, 10-15 seconds, are recommended, as these deciduous leaves are quite soft and don't need much time to release their flavor. Overbrewing can lead to a bit of a sharp taste and is thus not recommended. 

Harvested in Spring 2024.