QiLan Yancha

Qi Lan Yancha "Wonderful Orchid" Wuyi Oolong Tea

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An excellent thoroughly roasted oolong from the Wuyi mountains in the northwest of China's Fujian Province. The name QiLan translates to "Wonderful Orchid", and though it does have a noticeable floral overtone, brewing this tea over several steeps reveals layers and layers of subtle complexity, with nutty, earthen, and peppery notes appearing before alternately lingering and fading. Altogether it's complex and quite tasty, with warming qualities that make it especially well-suited for cooler nights and mornings.

There aren't many shops in the US that carry Qi Lan, as it is rather close in character to Da Hong Pao, with some insisting that there's more of the true lineage of the original Da Hong Pao in Qi Lan than in the more widely available versions of present-day Da Hong Pao. We're not sure about that, but are certainly of the opinion that Qi Lan is a tea very worth exploring, perhaps alongside Da Hong Pao for comparison. Fragrant and vibrant, with a lingering multi-layered aftertaste, this tea is a winner among Wuyi oolongs.

We recommend brewing Qi Lan at near-boiling temperatures for 1-3 minutes if brewing western style. If brewing in a gaiwan, start with 15 seconds, adding time in successive steeps. It holds up well to repeated infusions and is good for 4-8 steeps depending on brewing method.

Spring 2023 harvest.