Premium Rou Gui Wuyi Oolong Tea

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A wonderful addition to Sparrowtail's line of Wuyi Oolongs, this Rou Gui has an intensity of flavor and aromatics that set it apart from the rest.

Grown in the rocky high-altitude tea gardens of Fujian's Wuyi mountain region, the name in English literally means "Cassia", a type of cinnamon, whose flavor the tea is reminiscent of.

Rou Gui is a heavily roasted and well-oxidized oolong. This premium grade of Rou Gui brews up a heavily aromatic cup with cinnamon and fruit like flavors up front, with  pronounced mineral and charcoal notes that fade somewhat in later steeps. It is a bit more infuseable than most other Wuyi oolongs; when prepared gongfu style with short steeps (recommended), it can withstand 7 or more brewings before the flavor noticeably drops off.

We recommend using very hot water (200f and above) to brew this tea.

Spring 2021 Harvest.