Mi Lan Xiang "Honey Orchid" Dancong Oolong Tea

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A true classic among Dancong oolongs, our Mi Lan Xiang "Honey Orchid" was harvested from bushes over 60 years of age, grown at an altitude of about 800 meters above sea level on Fenghuang Mountain. After harvesting, it undergoes processing that includes wilting, frying, leaf-twisting, and roasting. In this case, roasting was done four times for 6-8 hours, with periods of annealing in between, in order for the newly roasted leaves to be re-exposed to moisture from the air. This allows for a texture that is fully dry but not brittle.

Our roasted Mi Lan Xiang is a notoriously steep-resistant tea, able to be infused over 10 times without losing its sweet honey-like flavor and floral aroma. It also has a long shelf life if kept in a cool, dry place.

Harvested in spring 2022.