Gushu Hong Jinngu Black Tea

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Many Pu-erh enthusiasts are familiar with the term gushu. It refers to leaves picked from the oldest trees, considered by many to mean trees of 150 years of age or older. This allows for an increased depth of minerality and more complex taste, for the older the tree, the longer the root system has to develop, and the better the tree will be at absorbing various mineral influences through the soil.

Our Gushu Hong Jinngu Black tea was made from leaves of the Daye Zhong varietal gathered from ancient, organic tea gardens in the Jinngu mountain region of Yunnan. It is a very infuseable tea, which a long lasting lingering taste, thick mouthfeel, and complex and inviting aroma. The color of the tea liquor is a deep red-orange, with notes of dark chocolate and dried fruit predominating in the taste. Picked in the spring of 2022, this is a very high quality black tea that should continue to deepen in flavor for a few more years if stored in cooler conditions away from light.

We recommend brewing this at between 190-205f for the best flavor.