Bai Ying Shan Raw Pu-erh Tea, Spring 2022

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Bai Ying Shan is one of the branch mountains of Wu Liang Shan in Yunnan's Southwest Lincang region, and is near the Lan Cang river. It is home to some of Yunnan's oldest trees, some well over 1000 years old.

This tea was harvested at 1800 meters, near the peak of the mountain. During the day, the area around Bai Ying Shan village is exposed to sunlight for most of the daylight hours, and at at night the weather is significantly cooler. Moisture from the river travels up the mountainside, forming clouds and mist. This makes for an ideal tea growing environment.

The taste of the young puerh is bold and sweet, with little bitterness for such a young tea. Further aging should mellow and deepen its flavor, but it is good for drinking now. We've had very good results brewing this tea in a Yixing teapot, and it's quite tasty brewed in a gaiwan as well.