90ml Yixing Teapot

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Yixing teapots are here! These 90ml teapots, while not fully handmade, are genuine Yxing teapots made from Zisha clay, affordably priced, and suitable for brewing tea gongfu style.

As Yixing teapots are unglazed, their inner and outer surfaces are porous, allowing trace amounts of brewed tea to absorb into the teapots with continued use. For this reason, it is recommended to dedicate each teapot for use with a specific type of tea, as the pots themselves will enhance the flavor of tea poured from them over time.

Also, they should be cleaned only with hot water and a cloth, as soap will also impart a flavor into the porous surfaces of the teapot. Over time, a patina will develop on the surfaces of the pot, which is normal and to be expected. 

These 90ml teapots are available in red or purple color clay. The purple colored ones have rougher surfaces, with larger pores than their red counterparts. The lids are not an exact fit, causing some dribbling when poured. The 90ml pots are ideal for enjoying puerh or oolong teas with gongfu style brewing.