Old Tree White Dew white tea on a white ceramic dish

Old Tree White Dew Yunnan White Tea

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This tea, locally known as Gushu Bai Lu, comes from older tea trees of mixed Yunnan Big leaf cultivars growing at 1800m in the area of Lincang, Yunnan. 

It is dried while still very green but otherwise unprocessed, and has a floral wild camellia taste that's compellingly refreshing in its lively sweetness, and completely without bitterness

A potent, cooling, hui gan lingers long after the cup is put down, and this tea will last for many infusions, with both aspects being reflective of its old tree origins.

It also seems to be tolerant of a range of brewing temperatures, from around 185f to near-boiling water. Different temperatures will bring out different characteristics, so experimentation is recommended!

Harvested in April 2024