Dancong Ya Shi Xiang White Tea

Dancong Ya Shi Xiang White Tea

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Delicious, colorful white tea made from the renowned Dancong Tea, Ya Shi Xiang "Duckshit", this is reflective of a newer processing style by some growers in the Wudong mountain region of Guandong province. 

Until now, teas from here have been mainly processed as oolongs and sometimes black teas, with the unroasted Chou Shi style being the penultimate innovation.

This new white tea takes Dancong processing a step further into simplicity. The leaves are merely withered until dry, without the twisting and rolling done with their other teas. As a result, this tea takes up a lot of space- a kg of it is about 4x larger by volume versus the same weight of a comparable oolong.

The taste is remarkable, similar to our Chou Shi Ya Shi Xiang oolong tea in many respects, as it's made from the same bushes and not roasted, but with an up-front sweetness that rivals the sweetness of many other white teas. 

We recommend brewing this with 190f water at first, which can be increased in subsequent infusions.

Spring 2021 harvest.