An enlarged photo of a tightly pressed ball of tea. There are varying different color shades and degrees of darkening in the tea ball. The tea ball is photographed on top of a clean bamboo cutting board.

Ancient Garden Gushu White Tea Dragon Balls

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Harvested in Jinggu, Yunnan, in autumn 2022, and rolled into 7g dragon balls in spring 2023, this tea could have been made into a high-quality puerh tea, but was instead processed as a brilliant white tea. 

The taste is sweet, floral, and well-balanced, with no bitterness or astringency, even when strongly steeped. Steeps should be fairly long at first to open up the ball, then after it has opened, they can be just a few seconds long, depending on the volume of water used. The color of the brewed tea will darken and the flavor will become smoother as steeps progress. This tea can be steeped so many times, it can easily last a person all day and into the next.