Organic Golden Monkey Black Tea

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An ancient and renowned black tea originating in Fujian Province, our newly-procured Organic Golden Monkey was grown in Yuanling County in central west Hunan at 1000 meters above sea level and picked during the Qingming season. The name owes its origin to its golden buds and the curled leaves, which were thought to resemble monkey's paws. This Organic Golden Monkey is made from the local heirloom mixed small-leafed cultivar Quan Ti Zhong. 

It's notable for its honey/caramel taste and aroma, and for its leaves and buds being covered in tiny hairs, which add an almost creamy thickness to the mouthfeel.

This Organic Golden Monkey has a more pronounced floral/sweet flavor as compared to the more malty Fujian-grown version of Golden Monkey we have carried in the past.

We recommend using water temperatures of 195-205f to brew this robust black tea.

Harvested Spring 2023