Premium Hui Long Yunnan Green Tea

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A quite rare green tea of the highest quality, our Premium Hui Long tea was grown near the border of Yunnan and Myanmar at about 1650 meters above sea level. The bushes the tea comes from are between 50 and 80 years of age and are of the large-leaf Assamica varietal, and as such, one might notice a slight similarity in flavor between this tea and younger raw pu-erhs. This premium grade is a first flush tea with a picking standard of one bud and one leaf.


While the garden that this Hui Long comes from is not certified organic, the growers have been following organic practices for the past decade.

Floral and subtly sweet with a touch of astringency, this tea brews up an almost milky thick mouthfeel. This energizing green tea is a must-try for enthusiasts of unusual quality teas!

Harvested in late March, 2024

We recommend brewing this tea between 170-180f.