Ya Shi Xiang, aka

Ya Shi Xiang, aka "Duckshit" Dancong Oolong Tea, Spring 2022

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Perhaps the most famous of the Dancong Oolongs, one reason being because of its oddly humorous name. For those unfamiliar, we're happy to inform you that the tea contains no actual duck shit, nor does it smell like it. The story of the name's origin goes a little like this: Ages ago, a tea farmer was working in his fields when traveling strangers passed through. They asked him about a certain group of tea bushes, and he said something to the effect of, "Oh, those...my ducks shit under them, so I call it duckshit tea. It's not very good".

Of course, this was all a ruse concocted by the quick-thinking farmer who didn't want the wandering strangers to steal his prized tea, one that imparts a powerful floral aroma with a honey-like sweetness and notes of local fruits. Very highly recommended- this is a well-balanced tea that keeps giving and giving over multiple steeps.

Harvest: Spring 2022