Premium Yu Lan "Magnolia" Dancong Oolong tea

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Grown on Chauzhou's Fenghuang Mountain at 800m above sea level, Yu Lan "Magnolia" oolong is so named for its aroma, which is surprisingly reminiscent of the scent of springtime magnolia blossoms.

It was picked in spring 2021 from tea trees of over 60 years of age, giving it a potent yet nuanced taste and high infuseablity. Yu Lan is oxidized a bit less than Mi Lan Xiang or spring Ya Shi Xiang, leaving the leaves with a greenish tinge around the edges. We recently steeped 7g of this around 10 times, increasing the steep time each round, and the flavor still retained its structure. The spent leaves in the second picture are a result of this brewing. 

This Yu Lan "Magnolia" tea has a vibrant sweet/floral taste and an almost sheng-like energy, with a penetrating aroma and a persistent hui gan lingering long after the cup has been returned to the table.

We recommend brewing this with close-to-boiling water, about 200-212f.