Ya Shi Xiang, aka

Ya Shi Xiang, aka "Duckshit" Dancong Oolong Tea Spring 2017

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Once in a while, genetics and environmental conditions come together in a rare convergence that creates stunning and entirely unexpected results, which is what happened here with our Spring 2017 Ya Shi Xiang. In the early summer, after the spring-picked tea had been picked, withered, roasted, allowed to cool, roasted again, etc., there was a flavor that no one on the mountain was expecting...a hint of...wild cherry. Apparently the people in the village were kind of freaking out about it! All we can say is that if you were already a fan of the Ya Shi Xiang, you'll really like this version. It's the classic "Duckshit" flavor with a bit of a subtle twist. Very highly recommended.