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Red Peony Fujian Oolong Tea

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Hong Mu Dan, which translates to Red Peony, is an oolong from Fujian Province's Zhangzhou area, a region whose teas are rare in the west, but locally well-established. The style perfected at Zhangzhou Tea Factory (where this tea originates) blends material from different nearby mountains to ensure a consistent quality at an affordable price.

Roasted several times, this tea comes off with a strong charcoal quality in the initial couple of steeps and a rich nutty quality throughout with cinnamon tones. A bit like a Rou Gui with some bass notes taken out, if that makes sense.

This will brew a deep orange color in the first few steeps. Tea soup is thick and full, and has an overall agreeable, affable nature.

Harvested in Spring 2019 and locally stored until winter.