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Qing Xiang Mi Lan Xiang Dancong Oolong Tea

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"Qing Xiang" means "pure flavor", and "Mi Lan Xiang" means "honey orchid flavor", so the translated name of this tea could be written as "pure flavor honey orchid flavor". The idea of a honey orchid flavor can be hard to really describe, let alone even imagine, but we've heard other reference points used that are maybe a bit easier to wrap one's head around, such as lychee and peach. 

In any case, the "pure flavor" part of the name refers it having a relatively light oxidation and roast. While it lacks some of the more overt toasted notes of many other teas made in the Dancong style, it has a remarkable bold, fruity, and somewhat earthy flavor that speaks for itself assertively and in most melodious tones.

This tea is very difficult to brew out. With at least 8 resteeps possible, it has been described by at least one aficionado as "a real all-dayer", which we at Sparrowtail tend to agree with.