Pure Gushu Maocha of Jinngu Raw Pu-erh Tea

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For those unfamiliar, maocha is pu-erh tea that has not yet been compressed into cakes, bricks, or tuos. Our Pure Gushu Maocha is from ancient trees in the Jinngu area of Yunnan. Gushu is typically the most sought-after and expensive grade of pu-erh tea, having been harvested from ancient trees. Since the trees are older, their roots spread further into the forest biome, giving the tea an expanded minerality. This often makes for tea that can be infused more than that of younger trees, and also gives it a more complex flavor. Our Pure Gushu Maocha can be infused over 10 times, yielding a rich flavor of fruit and wildflowers with a long-lingering hui gan (literally, "returning taste"). A very high quality tea at an affordable price.

Harvested in Spring 2018.