Certified Organic Four Seasons Si Ji Chun Taiwan Oolong Tea

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This is an excellent unroasted and lightly oxidized oolong from the Muzha region of Taiwan, called Si Ji Chun locally.

Recommended for fans of our Dong Ding and Gao Shan oolongs, and for Tie Guan Yin enthusiasts who want to try a different flavor.

The taste is light, refreshing, and sweet-sour, and its energetic profile makes it a good candidate for mornings and daytime drinking.

For brewing this and other Taiwan teas, we recommend using 5g of tea per 100-150 ml near-boiling filtered water.

The tea can be then steeped for 30 seconds, with subsequent steeps adding 15 seconds of time, for example 45 seconds, then one minute, etc.

Alternatively, this tea can be brewed "grandpa style" with 2.5-3g of dry tea in a tea flask and left to steep for several minutes.


Spring 2022 harvest.