Matai Old Tree Raw Pu-erh tea

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A fantastic old-tree sheng pu-erh new to Sparrowtail. Grown at 1600 meters above sea level in Lincang, Yunnan, Matai village is known for a geography unique to pu-erh producing regions in that it is quite rocky, similar to the Wuyi Shan region in Fujian province.

The trees this tea comes from are between 100-200 years of age and grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, giving it a potency in flavor and an expanded minerality that one can expect from old-tree pu-erhs.

The taste is a rich and satisfying one, great for fans of young sheng: vegetal, refreshing, and a bit astringent in the early steeps. This tea is ready to drink now or can be aged for further flavor development.

Harvested in Spring 2021