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High Mountain Mao Feng Certified Organic Green Tea

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A wonderful, fresh-tasting green tea grown high up on Wu Liang Mountain in Simao, Yunnan in Spring 2020. It is a bit different in taste and appearance than the classic Mao Feng green tea of Anhui Province.

Picked to a standard of one leaf to one bud, the tea brews up a bright yellow color, with pleasant nutty, floral, umami, and fruity flavors and aromatics. We've found this to be very infusable with at least four short steeps possible before the flavor drops off.

Free from pesticides and certified organic by IFOAM accredited CFC China, this tea is an excellent and affordable daily drinker.

We recommend brewing this at 170-180f. It can easily brew on the bitter side if steeps are long or if the water is too hot, so it's best to err on the side of short steeps and cooler water.