Guangbie Laozhai Dragon Balls

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I had long been intrigued by the idea of Dragon Balls- quality pu-erh tea in a compact package, ideal for a single session. However, most of the ones I tried were made from material that was lower-grade and/or broken leaf, even fannings.

These are different: high quality raw pu-erh from old tree material, composed entirely of intact leaves from the Guangbie ancient gardens, rolled into tight 7g balls, and then sun-dried. 

This is excellent pu-erh: It's possible to get 10 or more steeps from these, with little to no bitterness in the early steeps, potent hui gan, and a mild, sweet flavor in the later steeps.

These are individually wrapped in paper, with Banzhang on the wrappers.

From the late spring/early summer harvest of 2017.