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Certified Organic Bi Luo Chun Yunnan Green Tea

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A really nice daily drinker. Sweet, vibrant, and very infuseable, this Bi Luo Chun tea was grown high in the mountains of Simao, a region in Yunnan known for its pu'er production.

Being a hardy, high-mountain green tea, it can be steeped at a slightly higher water temperature vs some other green teas. I like using 180-185f water, whereas with more delicate greens, around 175f seems to be the sweet spot.

This tea also makes an excellent cold brew, with a somewhat thick mouthfeel, sweet/fruity finish, and bright yellow color. The leaves are surprisingly large when fully opened, especially when compared to our Premium "Green Spring Snail" Bi Luo Chun from the Dong Ting mountains.

This tea has been certified organic to EU and USDA standards.