Alishan GABA Oolong tea

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GABA teas are the result of a processing style developed in Japan in the 1990s, in which high quality tea which has naturally high levels of glutamic acid are kept in special chambers where the oxygen is pumped out and replaced with nitrogen, thus increasing the GABA content. GABA, as you may be aware, is a neurotransmitter used by the central nervous system to regulate stress levels. And as a result, drinking this tea does have a noticeable effect of being calming, but focusing. 

Besides this, it's also very tasty! Grown at an altitude of 1300 meters in Alishan, Taiwan, this is a medium-oxidized oolong with a smooth sweetness reminiscent of strawberry jam and raisins. It is noticeably more aromatic than our original GABA tea grown in China's Anhui province, and will last for many steeps.

For brewing, we recommend using boiling or near-boiling water.

For Western style, you can use 5g per mug, steep for one minute, then 1:30, then two minutes.

For Gongfu, you can use 3-5g (I like using 5g) per 100 ml gaiwan or teapot, then steep for 30 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, adding 20 seconds for each successive steep afterwards.

Harvested in Spring 2019.

NOTE: This tea is currently sold out until spring/summer 2022