2014 Jingmai Huang Pian Gushu Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Made by Chawang Tea Company, this tea is from Jingmai mountain and picked entirely from ancient tea trees, hence the "gushu" in the name (Gushu refers to leaves that are from what are considered ancient trees, though the exact cutoff for the how old a tree needs to be before its leaves are called gushu is a matter of some debate). Gushu tends to be prized over other grades of tea leaf and is typically more expensive. When a tree is older, it will have a more highly developed root system that ends up with the finished tea having a more complex minerality, and therefore, taste. 

The term "huang pian" in the name refers to something else about the leaves- they are older leaves that frequently turn yellow, orange, or red, which are sorted out from younger leaves which are more typically green. This isn't the same as having yellow, orange, or red deciduous leaves in fall as we are accustomed to seeing in temperate regions. One must keep in mind that Camellia Sinensis, with its many variants, is an evergreen, and indeed, this tea was spring-harvested.

This 2014 Jingmai Huang Pian Gushu has a sweet taste, floral aroma, and strong hui gan (returning taste). It's highly infuseable and boasts a fast and strong cha qi, for those sensitive to it.

Listings are for 50 grams. I do my best to preserve whole pieces of cake when breaking these up, so as to minimize any leaf-breakage.