2014 Bing Dao Raw Pu-erh Tea

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Bing Dao is a small village belonging to the town of Mengku in Lincang county, Yunnan province. Its oldest trees are over 500 years old, and the region has a long history of tea production, originating the Mengku Big Leaf cultivar.

The conditions here are said to be ideal for tea cultivation, with bright sunlight and dry air in the springtime, so tea grown here for pu-erh will be of high quality as long as it's processed well.

This Bing Dao pu-erh brews up a thick orange-yellow liquor, with strong cha qi and a lingering, sweet aftertaste reminiscent of rock sugar. Whatever up-front bitterness it may have possessed at one time has mellowed over nearly a decade's worth of aging, making this a smooth and enjoyable tea.  It can be brewed for many infusions in a gaiwan or small clay teapot- I'm told 20, although I've personally only gone to around 15, stretched out over a period of a couple days. 

The cakes are 200g each, with light-medium compression.