Wild Purple Moonlight White Tea, Variant 2

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Here's another version of our Wild Purple Moonlight White Tea, which is similar in nearly every respect to our original Wild Purple Moonlight White Tea.

Like the other one, this is a purple varietal of Ye Sheng, wild grown in Yunnan. And like the other one, the tea is wilted briefly before being dried in a type of long wind tunnel tube.

Unlike the other one, this tea is harvested in Dehong, rather than Jinngu. It also came to us just a bit cheaper, allowing us to pass the savings on and offer a slightly lower price. 

The taste is a unique one, with fruity, floral, and sweet tastes blending over an undercurrent of quickly-fading bitterness. It responds well to aging and will develop a mellower, sweeter taste over time. 

Picked to a one leaf, one bud standard.

Harvested in April 2022.

We've had good results brewing this at around 190-195f. Your results may vary, so please feel free to experiment!