Honeygold Organic Yellow Tea

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Yellow tea processing is very similar to black tea processing, in that the basic stages of production are sun withering, rolling, oxidation (enzymatic browning), and drying. The main difference between the two is that the sun withering and oxidation stages are done for a much shorter time, which gives the spent leaves an appearance more like green tea. The tea soup itself also has a different appearance, with a bright yellow color instead of orange-tan.

This particular yellow tea was grown at high altitude in a certified organic garden in the Simao region of Yunnan, China, picked to a one leaf/one bud standard before processing.

The taste of the finished tea is nothing short of magical, with its thick, syrupy/buttery mouthfeel and notes of honey, caramel, and chocolate predominating.

We recommend brewing this rather delicate tea like a green tea, with a water temperature of between 170-180f. One can expect up to 4 full-bodied steeps brewing western style, and 6-8 when brewed gongfu style.