Imperial Xinyang Mao Jian Green Tea

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One of the top ten famous teas of China, our Imperial Xinyang Mao Jian Green Tea is grown in Henan province, where it is traditionally grown.

Mao Jian translates to "hairy tips", as the tiny tips of the shoots and leaves have on them a coating of fine hair-like structures.

The fragrance of this tea, before it is brewed, reminds one a bit of Bi Luo Chun, with its sweet and vegetal nature. Brewing reveals a new level of complexity, with the sweet grassiness being overshadowed by a potent umami taste and thick mouthfeel. 

A very enjoyable green tea that typically will provide at least three infusions, we recommend brewing our Imperial Xinyang at 175-180f.

Harvested in late March 2019