High Mountain "Deep Green" Organic Green Tea

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Grown at 2050m above sea level on Bai Ying Shan in Yunnan, our "Deep Green" Organic Green Tea is by turns floral, vegetal, and a bit astringent, with a subtle earthiness bordering on the savory.

For this tea, Sparrowtail has for the first time partnered with a musician who has lent us their project's name. Living in Osaka, Japan, multi-instrumentalist, educator, and tea enthusiast Brian Dubin has been honing his craft over the past several years under the Deep Green moniker, using electric guitar, drums, and found audio to create constantly evolving sonic tapestries that alternate between the sublime, the cathartic, and unnameable spaces between. We recommend listening to Deep Green music while drinking our Deep Green organic green tea, or really any tea from Sparrowtail. His latest digital release can be listened to and purchased here, and other Deep Green albums can be found following the links in the sidebar on the linked page.

Back to the tea itself, we've noticed that this one can be brewed at a bit of a higher temperature than many of our other green teas. Brewing it at around 180-185f and even higher gives an appealing thickness to the mouthfeel without overwhelming the sweet and vegetal flavors. 

Harvested in April 2022