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Supreme Jade Tie Guan Yin

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This Tie Guan Yin from Anxi County, Fujian Province, is the highest grade available from the wholesaler we worked with to obtain it. Very heady and floral, with a slight sweetness that leaves a hint of astringency in the aftertaste. There's a thickness to the tea soup that imparts a subtle creaminess to the mouthfeel.

It's very minimally oxidized, comprised of mostly unbroken leaves with very few stem pieces left over from processing. The tightly rolled leaves are consistent in size and shape, with slight variance in the darkness and brightness of the green color. At least 7 steeps should be possible if brewing gongfu style before losing the defining characteristics of the taste. Regardless of brewing method, it is recommended to do a hot rinse to warm the cups and prepare the leaves, before steeping to drink.

All in all, a very enjoyable example of this renowned tea!

Spring 2018 Harvest